Aliens throughout the Galaxy

There are several species of aliens that have become acquainted with us humans. Most are too far to to have regular contact, but we do have a few neighbors.

The Squeehee

The Squee are small grey humanoids with large black eyes and slender bodies. They enjoy dismantling, dissecting, and probing. It’s common knowledge to not fall asleep with one in the room. The Squee are the aliens that made first contact back in the old days, and fly around the galaxy in small saucer shaped shuttles.

The Mullgrins

Large, pink skin, and brutish, the Mull are a staple on Zorn. The females can be very attractive. Not that I’m into that kind of thing. The easiest way to enrage a Mull is ask him to calm down. And the easiest way to do business with one is to wave money around while you speak with grand gestures.

The Kenkru

I’ve never met one, but I’ve seen plenty over the comms. I hear they aren’t very nice. Scaly, greenish and reptilian, they aren’t exactly beauty pageant material. Their voices tend to be a bit nasally. They speak English fluently, but for some reason they pronounce “Human” as “Hoomahn.” It tickles them that Earth was named after dirt. The Kenkru don’t trade with anyone, and their presence here  on Zorn is rare.


Prince Neeto
Can’t say I like children. Especially children that want to be pampered. I know he’s Squee royalty, but that don’t exactly make him charming. The Prince is on my ship, but he isn’t part of my crew, he’s the bounty.

Vaxto is the captain of a heavily armed Mullgrin space craft. He’s a big guy, but most Mullgrin are, and I have trouble telling them apart. He hired us to kidnap Prince Neeto in a stealth-like manner. This is my last pay day before I head back to Earth, so I need everything to go silky.